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$2.5 Billion Dollars in Pet Food Packaging

It’s official. The pet food industry is currently experiencing massive growth, which in turn will mean that pet food packaging will reach $2.5 billion dollars in revenue over the next few years.

This is all being fueled by pet owners wanting to give their pets more eating options, as well as an increase in the amount of pet owners across the USA as a whole. The growth is expected to be in the region of 4.8% per year.

The pet food industry is currently booming, with a huge array of different products being sold in supermarkets, specialty stores and online. As well as the most commonly known pet food brands, there is also pet food that appeals to the high end consumer, as well as brands that are targeting the healthy eating demographic.

All of the recent trends are to be published in a brand new study called “Pet Food Packaging,” which will be compiled and published by the Freedonia Group.

At the core of the pet food packaging growth cycle is the newly designed plastic pouches that consumers are now demanding. This is mainly because the pouches have a number of exciting features that make it easier for the consumer to use the product.

As an example, there are zippered closure mechanisms and the pouch is extremely lightweight. This lightweight pouch also makes pet food cheaper to transport, meaning it is a big hit with distributors.

Perhaps the next area that will see huge growth is the chilled and frozen pet food segment. This also represents a huge opportunity for pet food packaging suppliers as the area is expected to double, or even triple in size by the year 2018. The growth is expected to be fueled by supermarkets increasing chilled and frozen areas in their stores, which means they will require more products to fill the space.

Hovis Launch New Sustainable Bread Bag

The well known UK company Hovis, a baking and flour milling business, are the first company to launch a new polyethylene bread bag into stores across the country. The main benefit of using this bag is the fact that it is made almost completely from renewable sources, which means it is environmentally friendly and helps to reduce energy consumption.

The bread bag has been developed and supplied by the company Amcor, and is currently being trialled in UK supermarkets with the bread product “Seed Sensations.” The bag is actually produced from a sugar cane source, and is thought to have between a 70% and 80% lower carbon footprint than other bread bags in the marketplace.

Only time will tell if the new Hovis sustainable bread bag is a big hit in the UK, but if results are as expected, then it could lead the way for more bread and food products to start using similar packaging.

Within 10 years this could easily become the norm for how food is packaged around the world, and with that, energy consumption would dramatically decrease, which means many governments would hit their green targets and become more environmentally friendly.

Labeling products with higher efficiency

Labeling your products must be taken seriously because it will have an impact on the marketability of your goods. When people visit supermarkets or stores, the first thing that often captures their attention is the product label. The more appealing your product label is the more chances that they will purchase your product. This is more particularly true if customers are not looking for any particular brand for their desired product. Thus, it is best that you ensure that your product labels will somehow capture the attention of these potential customers. Remember that it is not all about quality first because they will only discover that once they have used your product. The goal is to get them to hold your product ahead of the others because once they do, there is greater likelihood that your product will be chosen over the others. However, this is without underscoring the need to make your products of high quality of course.

Labeling products is already very simple because of the advent of new technologies. Before the emergence of labeling machines like those manufactured by Universal Labeling, product owners required so much time and effort to have each of their products be provided with the appropriate labels. However, labeling machines have now emerged that has made product owners effortless when placing labels on their products. All that has to be done by product owners is to provide their chosen design for their labels and after that everything is already automated. What used to be done by dozens of people can now be done by a single labeling machine. What is best about these labeling machines is that you are assured that every product will be labeled in the same way as the others. There is less human factor involved thus less error will be committed.

One can choose from a variety of labeling machines depending on your needs. If you need portable machines or the volumes of products are not that much, you can settle with some of the desktop label makers or even the handheld labeling machines. For those that have greater production and cannot be accommodated by the smaller units, there are labeling machines that are likewise available. You can also choose from automatic or semi-automatic labeling machines according to your needs and your budget. Whatever labeling machine you choose, you are assured that there will be an increased efficiency in the way you label your products.

Cartoning Equipment Providers – The Best This Year

Econocorp has been in the business for over 50 years that is why we are considered to be one of the worldwide leaders in cartoning and case packing machinery. We are known for our dedication to quality and reliability, which has led us to produce some of the most advanced equipment in the market today. Our products are very user-friendly and easy to maintain, that is why our equipment is now being used by countless manufacturers worldwide. We specialize in producing a variety of case-packing and cartooning equipment for businesses with low to moderate production volumes. We can also customize products depending on the client’s specific needs. Because of our widespread reputation, we are now serving various industries, including food, industrial, medical and household products. Our equipment line includes horizontal cartoning, vertical cartoning, automatic product loading, tray-style cartoning and pick-a-carton.

All of our cartoning machines and casepacking products are built with ease of use and maintenance in mind. That is why all our equipment are deliberately and carefully designed to be able to carton products with the least amount of moving parts. This means less labor hours and more output volume, generating more profits for our clients.

Our Markets

Because of our products’ quality and reliability, we have been a favorite of many types of industries. Over half of our clients come from the food industry, with about 20 percent coming from household products. The rest is distributed to industrial products, pharmaceuticals, computer/video/photo, and medical industries.

Our Cartoning Equipment

Choose from a wide variety of cartoning machines that would suit your specific business. We offer equipment created for horizontal, vertical, tray or wrap-around styles. If your business has a low or moderate production rate, then you can come to us for your cartoning and casepacking needs. All our models are versatile, as they are designed to handle not only corrugated paper, but paperboard materials as well. Because we only use a few moving parts in our machines, our equipment are easy to maintain and use. In fact routine maintenance can be done by line operators themselves. Aside from that, our cartoning machines are easy to use, with easy applications for changing the types and sizes of your boxes. Finally, our cartoning equipment is among the most compact in the market today, being able to do its job while using the least footprint possible. This is perfect for production areas that have limited space.


Our cartoning machines can be adapted easily according to your exact needs and preferences. Highly configurable, our equipment can be transformed effortlessly without any retooling necessary. This would make you meet your demands with as little downtime as possible. With our cartoning packages, you will be able to increase your production while lowering labor costs at the same time.

Depending on your production levels, you can choose from a variety of cartoning equipment from our company. We have cartoning machines that can carton from 1500 per hour or up to 6000 cartons per hour. We also have casepacking machines that can case anywhere from 600 cartons to 1200 cartons per hour.

American Consumer Confused About Plastics Recycling

A recent opinion poll has clearly shown that American consumers are more confused than ever about plastics recycling.


Around 65% of the people surveyed admitted that they were not sure which plastics needed to be recycled, with many people admitting that the recycling of plastics in their home was often nothing more than “guesswork.” Needless to say, this represents a major obstacle in the growth of recycling across America.

The opinion poll was conducted by The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, also known as IRSI, and the findings of the poll were released online by Earth911. It is clear that the poll shows most people do not fully understand what should be recycled in their home, which means the government has a responsibility to better educate people about the process.

The president of ISRI commented, “With more and more plastic being produced, it is essential that plastic products that have reached the end enter the recycling stream,.”

Interestingly, ISRI are helping to educate the general population through a number of educational workshops that are being hosted around the country. There is also talk of developing plastic scrap specifications, so recyclable plastic can be more easily identified.

It is estimated that nearly 5 billion pounds of consumer plastic was recycled in the USA in 2011. This includes items such as plastic bags and bottles that are commonly found in supermarkets.

The main reason why recycling of plastics needs to increase is because it will help lower energy consumption. It takes nearly 90% less energy to produce plastic from recyclables than virgin sources, which means if energy consumption is going to be lowered over the coming years then consumers have to become more aware of plastics recycling.

One way that is being tested to increase awareness about recycling of plastics is “Plastics Recycling Terms and Tools” which has recently been created to help consumers make the right choices. These terms and tools feature a common set of outreach terms for community recycling, and the main aim is to reduce confusion about what plastics to recycle.

“We are very excited to make the terms and tools available to communities nationwide,” said Steve Russell, the Vice President of Plastics for the ACC. “Retailers, brand owners, and packaging designers want to use more recycled plastics, and this is an important step towards increasing collection of these valuable post-use materials.”

One reason why it is believed the Plastics Recycling Terms and Tools will be a huge hit is because of the amount of experts who have been consulted during the research phase.

The advisory committee features a number of different thought leaders in the area of recycling, such as reclaimers, recycling coordinators, plastic makers, exporters, recycling companies, and trade associations.

With this much expertise on their side, there is no reason why the Plastic Recycling Terms and Tools won’t go on to be a huge success, and within the next 5 to 10 years will become widely used in every town and city across America by millions of people.

A Convenient way of filling your bottles

Opening a drinking pub requires great effort and expense. One has to find the best and appropriate venue and usually this can be found in areas where people get together most frequently.

Equipment that is helpful for pub owners is beer bottle filling equipment. This equipment allows the transfer of a carbonated beer from a keg or drum into a bottle. Instead of transferring this manually which often results in extensive beer foaming, the beer bottle filling facilitates easy transfer of beer into a purged bottle with minimal foaming. The foaming effects of transferring beer from one container to another must be minimized to preserve a high level of carbonation for the beer. A poorly carbonated beer will usually have a blunt and bitter taste which to most beer drinkers is not the right taste for beer.

A number of companies provide beer bottle filling equipment and one such equipment is called the BeerGun Stainless Bottle Filler. The Bottle Filler introduces new concepts in its design by making it more ergonomic and simpler to operate than the more common pressure filler. It is operated easily by just simply pulling the trigger of the bottle filler.

The bottle filler was developed by John Blichmann and has received a lot of positive reviews from its users. For a better appreciation of the features of this piece of equipment, interested persons are advised to see website linked with the beer bottle filler. It is in its website where one can read the various reviews and comments provided by people who in one way or another experienced the BeerGun Stainless Bottle Filler. Generally, the reception from various users is excellent and a lot of them are claiming that it is much easier to use and set up. One user even claimed that it fills up the bottles inno time thus making bottle filling more fun and convenient.

If you are looking for a beer bottle filling unit, the BeerGun Stainless Bottle Filler is highly recommended not only because it looks great but more importantly, it serves the purpose for which it was made without any hustle or inconvenience on the part of the user. Its stainless design moreover gives it the elegance that it deserves. Another great US based company is Meheen Manufacturing.

Filling and Capping Machine Manufacturer

Our company Inline Filling Systems is renowned when it comes to industrial grade filling and capping machines. Being in the business for over 20 years, we have the experience and the technology in creating some of the best and most reliable capping and filling machines in the world. Our clientele comes from a variety of segments, including chemical, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food segments. We have an assortment of machines that can pack anything from small containers all the way to 25 gallon drums. We have machines that either pack by weight or volume, and if your product is of high viscosity, we have the right filling machine for you.

Our Filling Machines

filling machineUsing the most advanced methods in manufacturing and engineering, we have come up with cutting-edge professional filling machines that are efficient and tough. Made from the highest quality materials, these machines are industrial-grade, thus they are able to withstand constant and continuous use. Our filling machines offer the best technology in terms of flexibility, versatility and reliability.

Of course you can buy cheaper machines that are made in China and other foreign countries. However, be wary that these cheap machines will be very complicated to maintain, and their downtime would most assuredly cost you tons of money in the long run.

Choosing the best liquid filling machine for your business could be a complex decision, but with our guidance and knowledge in the industry, we can recommend to you the most superior machine that would meet your requirements and budgetary parameters.

Machine capacities range from the humble manual filler operating at 10 containers per minute (CPM) to high speed rotary systems operating at 1000+ CPM. Our filling machines are for companies producing up to 200 CPM as well as startup companies producing less than 1000 containers per day. If your business falls between these production categories then we can help you out with our quality filling machines.

Depending on container characteristics, daily production requirements, fill size, regulatory issues and plant environment, there is a right filling machine just for your specific needs. The following is a general list of filling machine types that we have:

Overflow Filling Machine

Time Gravity Filling Machine

Net Weight Filling Machine

Peristaltic Filling Machine

Piston Filling Machine

Servo-Pump Filling Machine

Brine Filling Machine

Pail Filling Machine

Drum Filling Machine

Our Capping Machines

Capping is the most difficult part of a liquid packaging line. For one, the range of geometries and sizes of caps and bottles are so wide that the capping machine components tend to become expensive or the platform of that specific type of capping machine is not suitable for all sized and geometries in range. Another problem lies with the fact that the bottle and cap combination are not in congruence, thus it would take a lot of pressure to apply the cap. Sometimes caps can only be placed vertically on the container which escalates the capital cost of the capping machine. We know these problems very well, thus we have developed different kinds of capping equipment to address each and every capping challenge. We are a capping machine manufacturer that produces equipment for both startup companies as well as companies with higher speed productions. The types of capping machines that we have include the following:

Automatic Capping Machines

Semi-Automatic Capping Machines

Feeders & Sorters

Automatic Cap Tighteners

We have an extensive selection for both filling and capping requirements. Our reputation precedes us that is why a lot of businesses from various sectors have come to trust us when it comes to their production requirements. So if you are a budding business or a medium-scale enterprise with products that need to be packaged, then we are the company to go to. Consult with us and see for yourself the quality of our products and the upgrade your production will get once you avail of our products.